Stay, Eat & Drink

The beaches are captivating, the locals are ever so enchanting and the small towns and countryside in and around Byron Bay now host an array of evolving eating experiences…… and it’s booming!

Where surfing culture and fine dining collide, Byron Bays’ multifaceted, trendy and evolving cuisine culture proves to be a magnet for celebrity residents, entrepreneurs and culinary chefs, all driven to vivifying the sea-side town.

Over the next couple of months, Byron Bay Beach Houses will take you on a culinary journey of awe-inspiring, taste tantalising foodie experiences that will have your mouth watering and belly rumbling!

On your next stay, amble your way down into the heart of Byron Bay to Da Vinos. Known for its authentic Italian dishes, thoughtfully curated wine list, heavenly crafted cocktails and sophisticated yet unassuming edgy vibe, Da Vinos is our pick for an overindulgent, carb-loaded night out on the town.

Sit back and unwind to the ambient sounds of glass clinking, cutlery clattering and the light chattering of conversations, as you immerse your palette with the unique flavours of Italian cuisine. Begin with an entree of seared scallops, cauliflower puree and spicy nduja, before moving on to a hearty slow-cooked beef cheek ragù and indulgent sweet hazelnut praline.

For all reservations go to before booking your next stay at Byron Bay Beach Houses.

This transformative technology uses infrared heating panels that emit lighting to help detoxify the body, giving you a deeper cleansing experience with every session. These infrared lights penetrate deep within your tissues, muscles, and cells as you sit in a tranquil space of cedarwood. During your session take the chance to flow through a few gentle stretches, discover your own alignment through meditation, or simply just listen to the harmonising music played through the built-in speakers of each room.

During your session, reap the additional therapeutic benefits of the coloured LED lights located in the ceiling of each sauna space. Guests can enjoy a number of chromotherapy benefits of this led light therapy including, mental relaxation (blue), universal healing (green), new ideas (orange), reducing redness (yellow), cell renewal (violet), and younger looking skin (red).

45-minute infrared sauna sessions start at only $45 and are sure leave you glowing, calm, and feeling completely re-energised.

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