Weddings in Byron Bay

For some time, Byron Bay, including its beautiful hinterland, has become a magnet for couples getting married and it’s easy to understand why.

Tying the not is a joyous occasion yet it can also be fraught with a tad too much stress courtesy of all the seemingly endless arrangements that need to be made and the desire to please everyone.

In the quest to get that perfect day which will be remembered for all the right reasons, is it any wonder the number of couples seeking help from a wedding planner is on the rise.

To find out more about this growing market and the benefits of engaging industry professionals, I spoke to renowned Wedding Planner and Event Production Specialist, Jane Magnus who also founded in 2006 her very successful company, Byron Bay Luxury Weddings.

Jane told me that seeking the expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable wedding planner can not only limit the stressful moments, but also be a significant cost saver as they have the ability to navigate their way around the potential pitfalls of services providers whose agenda is to upsell regardless of need.

“We only use quality and reliable suppliers which I have come to know over my twenty years in this business as I cannot afford to let the bride and groom down. I take immense pride in striving to deliver bespoke, inclusive and intimate occasions that exceed every couple’s expectation.”

Jane also said that staging a wedding was not just about planning. “You have to understand how to style with an eye for design and detail as well as have the know-how to technically and logistically implement the event to ensure it blends and flows seamlessly.”

From my conversations with many couples, an issue that kept arising was the want to inject their own personal touch on proceedings, a request which must be met according to Jane.

“It is their wedding, not mine or anyone else’s for that matter. Our clients regularly have special requests which we are very happy to cater for. As an example, if a bride wants her cake to be made to her grandmother’s recipe, then that’s exactly what will happen,” she said.

As we know, the business of weddings, for the most part, is  now an industry and like other sectors, reputable operators are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental and social responsibilities.

I asked Jane if this is something her Company supports and she told me, “I can’t speak for other planners, but we are very aware of the need to minimise our carbon footprint including through recycling initiatives such as always gifting any surplus or unwanted flowers to a local hospital or nursing home.”

Jane also said she likes to give back to the community so her business set-up their ‘Share the Love’ program which supports many charities and non-for-profit organisations.

“We often find that our couples, some of whom may already be well established, want to make a donation to a charity be it local or otherwise, a request we gladly arrange for them.”

If you are thinking of Byron Bay as your place of choice to say I do and a looking to engage professional help and/or, the  perfect accommodation, click here to get in touch with Byron Bay Luxury Weddings and the Byron Bay Beach Houses.