Byron Writers’ Festival

Scroll down the list of over 140 writers and thinkers appearing at the renowned Byron Writers’ Festival and you will know immediately that the 2019 three day event commencing on Friday 2 August will again be nothing short of inspirational, educational, entertaining and an opportunity to appreciate the power and influence of the written word and those who tell it.

Since launching in 1997, this annual event continues to grow in richness of content attracting people of all ages from far and wide. This year, more than 12,000 patrons are expected to pass through the entry gates and be immersed in the atmosphere of storytelling, literature and ideas.

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Whether or not you are attending the Festival, take a moment to think about how writing has the ability to change minds and sometimes, literally change lives and you don’t have to be a William Shakespeare, J K Rowling, Richard Flanagan or Miles Franklin to make this happen.

When we write, all of us impart knowledge by expressing our feelings, conveying information, telling a story and motivating and teaching others, so never discount what you say, or how you say it, as words do matter to those who read them.

Who would have thought when writing, then known as Cuneiform, was first invented around 3,000 BC by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia, that we would be constantly adding new words to our language and have access to a tool called the Internet to help spread what we write, sadly though, not always for good.

Despite the wonders of technology, I still enjoy the intimate connection of picking up a physical book and becoming completely immersed in the prose or verse, an experience like no other. 

I so admire gifted writers who are factual, yet inspiring and thought provoking and to the authors of children’s books, one cannot help, but appreciate and applaud their ability to engage young minds and encourage them to develop a love of reading and perhaps, writing as well. 

Each of us has a story to tell, so why not try your hand at writing, even if it is only for the eyes of a few and just maybe, you’ll discover a hidden talent.