Surf Guide Byron Bay

Byron Bay Surf Guide for Beginners & Experienced

Some of the best surfing beaches from around the world are found in Byron Bay. Whether you are learning to surf for the first time or you are diehard, Byron is the place to surf. We have created a list of our favourite surfing spots for people of any level.

The Pass

The Pass at Byron is easily the most popular beach spot, with long lines of rolling waves perfect for any beginner or pro. When surfing here you will find easy riding point break waves that slowly break to one side so surfers can ride the open face of the wave nearly all the way to the beach. As a learner, the endless lengths of these waves give you optimal time to get used to coasting along. When surfing here be aware of the boats that arrive and depart across the point – keep your wits about you.

If you start to head further north down this Beach you will hit the area known as Clarkes beach which is ideal for swimming but it will all depend on the day. The Pass and Clarkes beach are only a 5-minute walk away from any of our Byron Beach Houses with plenty of room for you to store your boards. To watch a live feed of The Pass surf cam click here so you can know when to head down and hit the surf.

Location: Find The Pass

Surfer Types: Beginners – experienced

Crowds: Busiest break, especially during summer and holidays – but that’s because it has the best waves

The Wreck

The Wreck is a unique break caused by a shipwreck just off the Main Beach. This spot is usually more suited to advanced surfer types. Popular for surfing as well as snorkelling and discovering the wreck below. You can park at the fish heads car park, or if you’re staying at one of the Byron Bay Beach Houses you can find the beach side pathway and walk down (15 min walk).

Location: Find The Wreck

Surfer Types: Moderate – Experienced

Crowds: Busy from the locals, but can be admired from the car park perfect spot at sunset

Wategos Beach

Although not quite as popular as the pass, Wategos beach still attracts a lot of surfers from all different levels. Located right below the Lighthouse, Wategos offers good surf nearly all year round with the added advantage of being a little quieter compared to The Pass. The best surf in this spot can be found right on the point, as the waves tend to get a little choppier through the middle section of the small bay.

Location: Find Wategos Beach

Surfer Types: Beginners – experienced

Crowds: When the Pass is too busy head to Wategos

Tallows Beach

This spot is mainly for short borders as the swell picks up a lot more at this break. This beach offers great left and right-hand waves depending on the swell direction. If there are northerly winds in Byron this beach, in particular, the cosy corner is the place to be. Remember to be careful of the heavy rips that tend to flow along that area. This beach is popular for photography and walks. Located just bellow Arakwal National Park this beach is one of the stunning views from the Lighthouse. When staying at Byron Bay Beach Houses Tallows beach is just a 7-minute walk away.

Location: Find Tallows Beach

Surfer Types: Moderate – Experienced

Crowds: Not usually very busy except when there are strong northerly winds as it is the only protected beach

Whether you’re learning to surf for the first time or you have been surfing your entire life Byron Bay offers something for everyone in one location. In between all of your surfing adventures you can take rest in any of our Byron Bay Beach Houses with plenty of room for your family and friends. We have plenty of room for you to store your board or with just a short walk into town, you can rent some boards. To find out our availiability, or check out our location in regards to your favourite surf spot click here.